Richmond, VA

I've been playing music my whole life. I started out taking piano lessons as a kid like my older brother and sister. Later, I bought a drum kit with my paper route money because my parents didn’t think I’d stick with it. By day, I studied classical and jazz trumpet in school… But at night, I played guitar and sang my heart out anywhere that would hire me. After college, classes were replaced by restaurants, but little else changed. The grind was real. Loud stages, hot kitchens and sweaty bars… these were the places that I called home for many years before I called it quits.

I stepped away from music to focus on the rest of my life, including my marriage, my sobriety and my restaurant career. It was the right decision, and 10 years on, all 3 are doing very well. Better than ever!

So now, it’s time to return to the music.

Plaid Dog Recording

Crowdfunding Campaign

I've signed on with Plaid Dog Recording in Boston to produce my next EP. The first single is already finished Please enjoy the first single, Hands of Time, and visit the campaign page to help out if you can. Every little bit helps!